I’m a university student and I grew up in Totara Vale. I make a choice to use public transport daily. I believe accessible, affordable and safe public transport is key to a city that works for everyone.

Kaipātiki is my home and if elected, my primary focus will be for improved access to green spaces and community facilities. Thriving, resilient neighbourhoods allow residents to feel proud, relaxed and connected, so they can enjoy where they live, work and play.

I want to bring a new and fresh perspective to the local board using evidence-based solutions and the values of someone who genuinely cares.

We need climate action to protect our city from the effects of climate change. I want to create a sustainable city that's just as good for future generations as it is for us.

Vote Ryan Nicholls
and Living Kaipātiki
for Kaipātiki Local Board


Ryan is seeking election as a Green supported candidate as part of Living Kaipātiki. Living Kaipātiki is a progressive ticket in the Kaipātiki Local Board area on Auckland's North Shore. The neighbourhoods that make up the Kaipātiki Local Board area are Beach Haven, Birkenhead, Chatswood, Birkdale, Northcote Peninsula, Glenfield, Hillcrest, Marlborough, Totara Vale and Bayview.

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